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ACUA Personnel


Sarah H. Moore  Administrator / Chairman of Board
Examining Staff
Lloyd H. Moore

Credit Union Assistant Administrator

Peter C. Ukeje

Bank Examinations Coordinator

James M. Arndt, Jr Bank Examinations Coordinator
Robert J. Russell Bank Examinations Coordinator
Marie H. Steele Contract Examiner , CUNA Certified BSA Compliance Specialist
Support Staff
Christy Ealum Executive Secretary  
Jan Reeves Administrative Assistant II  

Credit Union Board

Member                                                                     Date of Confirmation Exp. of Term
Ms. Sarah H. Moore, Chairman, Ex Officio
100 N. Union Street, Suite 650
Montgomery, AL. 36104

Ms. Linda Cencula
President - Alabama Telco Credit Union
P. O. Box 360287
Birmingham, AL. 35236-0287

4/19/12 2/1/15
Mr. Charles Faulkner
President - Jefferson Credit Union
716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North
Birmingham, AL. 35203

1/12/11 2/1/13
Mr. Steve Nix
President - First Educators Credit Union
1810 Merchants Drive
Birmingham AL. 35244

1/12/11 2/1/13
Mr. Joseph R. Hand
President - ECO Credit Union
105 Frankfurt Circle
Birmingham, AL. 35211

1/12/11 2/1/13
Mr. Harold G. McClellan
President - MAX Credit Union
P.O. Box 244040
Montgomery, AL. 36124-4040

2/23/12 2/1/14
Ms. Greta Webb-Williams
Supervisory Committee Member
of Guardian Credit Union
1789 Cong. Wm. L. Dickinson Dr.
Montgomery, AL. 36109

4/19/12 2/1/15
* Appointed by Governor Bentley  subject to Senate confirmation.
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