Mission Statement

The Alabama Credit Union Administration’s mission is to provide effective supervision and regulation in order to affirm the future viability of credit unions and the safety of deposits therein, promote the unencumbered commerce between the citizens of Alabama and credit unions, allow for innovations in services, products, and technology that maximize credit unions’ capabilities to provide service, and assure that Alabama state credit unions provide professional, competent financial services, wherever possible, to the citizens of Alabama regardless of means.

How to Be An SBA 7 Lender
Dec 29, 2014  -  Federally Regulated Lenders and State-Chartered Credit Unions

Meeting of the Board of Directors
Dec 1, 2014  -  Board Meeting scheduled for 12/16/14 @ 2:00 p.m.

Sarah H. Moore, Administrator, Addresses Southeast Leadership Development Conference
Nov 6, 2014  -  Mrs. Moore discusses her observations during first 129 days in office, ACUA examination focus, agency focus and proposed changes to the Alabama Credit Union Act.

December 2014 Call Report Cycle – Key Dates
Oct 28, 2014  -  As you know, NCUA began imposing civil money penalties on federally insured credit unions that miss the deadline for filing Call Report/Profile data with the March 2014 cycle. The goal is full compliance and no civil money penalty assessments. Accordingly, the deadline for the December 2014 cycle is highlighted. Thank you for your support in encouraging on-time filing.

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